The Angels - ("My Boyfriend's Back")



One of rock and roll's favorite girl groups, now featured in the Broadway smash "Jersey Boys." Barbara (Bibs) Allbut Brown along with sister Jiggs Allbut Sirico founded The Angels in 1961. Linda Jankowski Jansen joined them and sang lead on "'Til" and "Cry Baby Cry." Linda left to be a solo artist and in 1963 Peggy Santiglia Davison joined & sang lead on their best-known #1 million selling "My Boyfriend's Back," "Thank You" and "Goodnight" and albums "My Boyfriend's Back" and "A Halo to You." All three women recently released their reunion CD "Love, The Angels." Jiggs and Peggy continue to perform, with Jiggs' daughter Karalyn replacing her aunt. Peggy later performed in Dusk, the female counter-part to Tony Orlando & Dawn, charting nationally with "I Hear Those Church Bell Ringing" and she was one of the Serendipity Singer. Bernadette, Linda, Jiggs,Denise, Arleen and Peggy are all special guest artists appearing at ROCK CON.





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