After months and months of planning, ROCK CON Weekend of 100 Rock Stars is coming up THIS WEEKEND and it will be like no other music festival! Whereas other events are concerts only, or are an autograph show which have a few guest appearances. ROCK CON is billed  as the "Weekend of  100 Stars" and we have 120 guests signed up, including 9  Rock &  Roll Hall of Famers, and many others in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. So aside from the sheer number of artists participating - covering 50 years of rock - which in itself is unparalleled, the three-day show  features so many other amazing elements: concerts by individuals and full bands; unplugged sessions; question & answer sessions with the guests; panel  discussions, a film-fest with such rare music titles  as "The Wrecking Crew,"  "Wages of Spin" and many others; a mammoth record/music/memorablilia marketplace; the "National Rock Con Icon Award Ceremonies" presentation on Friday night; and the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans and collectors to meet (and take photos with, or get autographs from) so many rock stars, music icons, celebrity artists and special guests - all under the same roof - in such a unique, relatively intimate setting. 

   On the MainStage, there will be concerts throughout the day interspersed with Q & A interviews and group panels. Some of the guests are performing during the day; more are playing during the last two hours of every evening when all the stars come together in the same ballroom to "ROCK CON! Most guests will be there all three days, and most are performing. Because we're still adding guests, and because the current guests keep changing their minds and playing times, we do not have a set schedule, but there will be one in the program given out at the show. If you have a specific guests you'd like to ask us about, we don't mind you calling for info: (203) 795-4737.

    All guests will be completely accessible to fans and attendees for meeting, autographs. The charge for autographs varies from guest to guest. Some are not charging at all, some will be charging only for signing items they're selling (CDs, books, etc.) and others will charge for anything/everything they sign, and for photos they take with fans. It completely depends on the individual artist. All exact charges will be well-posted on every guest's table.

   We don't know in advance what most of the artists will be charging - if they're charging at all - so   unfortunately we can't post their prices it on our website. But it appears most are charging only around $10.

I sure hope to see you there; please spread the word about the event.  


   Thank you - ROCK ON! 




Meet Rock Stars & Icons From The 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s & Today


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